Today I will show you postcard which represents something I am urgently need - warm tropical blue sea, long sandy beach and shadow of palm trees... It is extremely hot here these days. Yesterday it was almost 40 Celsius degrees! Hot as hell! But, I like summer much more than icy and snowy winters... :)

This postcard was great surprise from my dear friend Michael. It shows typical views of Barbados. It's gorgeous island-country located in the Caribbean region. Capital and the biggest town is Bridgetown. Tourism is very developed, and it accounts for almost one half of the economy. Barbados is one of Commonwealth countries, retaining Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. Probably the most famous person from Barbados is Rihanna, a well known r'n'b pop star.

Many thanks again to dear Michael, who will visit Guyana soon, and hopefully won't forget to send me postcard from there too! ;)

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