Hey dear readers! :)

Sorry for another month of silence, but I am FINALLY done with my 1st year at Uni. I have excellent marks, which makes me feel proud and happy. :) My postcard-swapping activities were quite small and slow, but I am looking forward to more swaps now, and getting my postcard collection grow and grow. :)

I got this postcard after it had been traveling for more than 2 months! My dear friend Dora Maria sent me 3 different postcards, with different stamps used from her home country Honduras. I have always had passion about Latin-America, and especially those Central American countries, as I am fascinated with Mayan culture ever since! History is one of my favorite subjects, and I enjoyed having it in my 2nd semester. It was fun to know interesting facts about the US war for independence, French Revolution, World Wars I and II, The Cold War... Though, it was very difficult, but when you love the thing you study, it is not difficult as it would be if I, for example, was studying Chemistry. :)

Postcard shown above is showing the view of Santa Lucia, small town in Honduras, built in Spanish colonial period, with architecture typical for that time. I simply love it. I recently started taking Spanish lessons, and I enjoy in that language. I am still beginner in it, but I am improving it day by day.

It's enough for today... Will write again soon, I promise. ;)

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  1. nice :)sad ćeš valjda pokazati sve svoje blago od razglednica, željno iščekujen! :)))