South Africa

South Africa is one of the countries I'd definitely like to visit. Here comes a postcard from there showing hippos. They spend most of their days wallowing in the water or the mud, with the other members of their pod. The water serves to keep their body temperature down, and to keep their skin from drying out. With the exception of eating, most of hippopotamuses' lives - from childbirth, fighting with other hippos, to reproduction - occur in the water. Hippos leave the water at dusk and travel inland, sometimes up to 8 kilometers, to graze on short grass, their main source of food. They can consume 68 kilogramss of grass each night! I find these animals so cute and lovely! :)
This card was sent on October 20th 2011 and arrived in the post office in my town on April 20th 2012 (see the postmark below)! That means it took exactly 6 months for it to arrive! The postcard arrived without any damage from its trip to Montenegro. I wonder where it was wandering. Someone wrote ''Serbia'' below my address, so it's maybe the reason why it traveled for so long. That sometimes annoys me, especially when people think Montenegro is Serbia, or is a part of it. Anyway, I really like this card, and I'm very happy that it isn't lost. :) Thanks a lot Michelle!


  1. predobri su! a zaboravija si reči da su najopasnije životinje u africi ;) xD

  2. haha, to mi je baš napisala ova što mi je poslala razglednicu! meni oni djeluju baš mirno, kao prave dobrice su mi, pa ne želim da kvarim taj ideal o njima, hehe :D