Rock Islands, Palau

The Rock Islands of Palau, also called Celbacheb, are a small collection of limestone or coral uprises, ancient relics of coral reefs that violently surfaced to form Islands in Palau's Southern Lagoon, between Koror and Peleliu, and are now an incorporated part of Koror State. There are 250 to 300 islands in the group according to different sources, with an aggregate area of 47 km2. The islands are for the most part uninhabited and are famous for their beaches, blue lagoons and the peculiar umbrella-like shapes of many of the islands themselves. The Rock Islands and the surrounding reefs make up Palau's popular tourist sites such as Blue Corner, Blue hole, German Channel and the famed Jellyfish Lake, one of the many marine lakes in the Rock Islands that provides home and safety for several kinds of stingless jellyfish found only in Palau.
This year, UNESCO inscribed Rock Islands Southern Lagoon as a World Heritage Site, the 1st WHS of Palau. This place is sooo beautiful...wish I could visit it, Palau looks like a really interesting country.
A HUGE thanks to dear Pat for this beautiful postcard and awesome stamps!!!  You made my day!

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