Beinisvord, Faroe Islands

Beinisvord is a 470 meter high sea cliff in Suduroy, Faroe Islands. It has vertical cliffes facing the sea and a green slope down towards the village of Sumba. The triangular top of Beinisvord is visible from many places in Suduroy. Men from Sumba used to rappel down the steep mountain side of Beinisvord on bird lines (it is called ''siging''; one man hangs on a thick rope, while several men hold it at the top) in order to catch sea birds and collect eggs. Both birds and their eggs were important food for the people of Sumba in the past. Several men have been killed while doing this; sometimes a stone fell on a man's head, fatally injuring him. How interesting...but very dangerous activity! In 1975 a big avalanche at Beinisvord destroyed numerous bird habitats and landmarks. 
Thank you dear Svea for this awesome postcard! 


  1. ahh prekrasno, sve u kompletu <3

  2. Jedino mi dizajn razglednice nije najbolji, ostalo je super :)