Isn't it always great and surprising to receive RAS postcards from the meetings of postcrosers? I received this great Swiss mapcard from dear Sara, who had a mini-meeting in Bern in May.  Thank you so much, and to all others who signed the card!

  • Has not been in a war since 1515.
  • A new president for Switzerland is elected every year!
  • Switzerland has the 2nd highest life expectancy (first is Sweden).
  • The average Swiss eats twenty three pounds of chocolate per year compared to the 11.7 pounds consumed by each American annually.
  • The Swiss flag is the only square banner in a sea of rectangle-shaped flags at the United Nations.
  • The popular typeface "Helvetica" was created in Switzerland and is named after the country's Latin name, Confoederatio Helvetica.
  • Albert Einstein was working as a clerk in a Swiss Patent Office when he proved his Theory of Relativity.
  • Switzerland has more than 1,500 lakes, and it is said that you are never more than 10 miles from a lake anywhere in the country.
  • Switzerland joined United Nations in 2002.

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