New country in my postcard collection - this time it's Vanuatu!!! It is an island nation located in the South Pacific. The archipelago is of volcanic origin. Vanuatu was first inhabited by Melanesian people. EUropeans discovered the islands in 1605 with the arrival of a Spanish expedition led by Fernandes de Querios in Espiritu Santo. In the 1880s France and the UK and claimed parts of the country. An independence movement arose in the 1970s, and the Republic of Vanuatu was created in 1980. The nation's name was derived from the word vanua ("land" or ''home'') and the word tu ("stand"). Together the two words indicated the independent status of the new nation. Postcard I got shows friendly face of Malekula, an island which is steeped in fascinating rituals involving elaborate headdresses and artifacts. Photos on postcard are made by photographer David Kirkland, check out his photos here, they're stunning!
A HUUUUUUUUGE thanks goes to dear Melissa for surprising me with this awesome postcard from absolutely superb place! Melissa thanks so much and all the best to you! Enjoy Vanuatu!