South Africa

Wonderful postcard from one of my favourite countries in the world - 5 typical and most famous animals of South Africa. Originally used only by hunters, the term 'Big Five' refers to five of Africa's greatest wild animals - lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. As during the bygone hunting era the term "Big Five" still conjure up the romance and excitement of Africa's exotic destinations and experiences. Imagine watching the sun set over the horizon whilst you capture the moment of a pride of lions stalking their prey. Watching a buffalo strolling to a water hole with strength and size that makes it more likely to kill a human than any other mammal. The rhino, which is almost extinct, with its extraordinary horns and bad temper. And the leopard with its beauty and remarkable speed and skill to hunt. The Big Five - legends of the wilderness which have become synonymous with Africa. [source]

Huge thanks goes to dear Tshidi. This was one of the 1st postcards I received when I started my postcard collection. :)

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