Solomon Islands

With my last 3 posts it seems that I was too much focused on Central America... Now we're moving somewhere else, to another awesome place, pretty undiscovered for me (and for many others as well): Solomon Islands!

This country is located east of Papua New Guinea, consisting of nearly 1000 islands! The United Kingdom established a protectorate over the Solomon Islands in 1893. In the Second World War there was fierce fighting between the Americans and the Japanese in the Solomon Islands campaign of 1942–45, including the Battle of Guadalcanal. That battle gave me a lot of troubles while studying about WWII few months ago... :) Self-government was achieved in 1976 and independence two years later.

This postcard shows painted flower pots in the streets of Honiara, capital of Solomon Islands. There's interesting fact about name Honiara. The name "Honiara" is actually a misnomer: the English colonialists found it hard to pronounce the original name of the area in the northern Guadalcanal languages: Nagoniara.

I also LOVE the stamp used! It shows Variable Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx lepidus). Stamp is issued in 2001, and its value is $4.

Thanks a lot to Esther for sharing with me postcard of her country. This postcard is real gem in my collection!

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  1. Wow, what an exotic card :)! I really like it!