Prizren, Kosovo

Yesterday I was so happy to receive this postcard, as it completes my collection of every European countries. It show a view of Prizren, a historic city located in Kosovo. The city has a population of arounf 178.000, mostly Albanians. Prizren is located on the slopes of the Šar Mountains in the southern part of Kosovo. The municipality has border with Albania and Macedonia. It is still the most culturally and ethnically heterogeneous region of Kosovo, retaining communities of Bosniaks, Turks and Roma, in addition to the majority Kosovo Albanians. Only a small number of Kosovo Serbs remains in Prizren and area, residing in small villages, enclaves, or protected housing complexes. Furthermore, Prizren's Turkish community is socially prominent and influential, and the Turkish language is widely spoken even by non-ethnic Turks. 
On the postcard you can see Bajrakli Mosque - the 14th century mosque of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. It dates from 1566 and is possibly the most beautiful mosque in Prizren with ornate wood work and detailed blue and white paintings.
Dear Radim, thank you SO much for helping me with my collection! One country less on my missing-countries list. :)

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