Zwierzyniec, Poland

Zwierzyniec is a town on the Wieprz river in Lublin Voivodeship, Poland. It has 3,324 inhabitants. It's the northernmost town of the Rozticze National Park. The park comprises some of the last remaining sections of the primordial forest of Central Europe, especially spectacular stand of ancient beech trees (Bukowa Gora). 

The Zwierzyniec settlement was established in the 16th century by the Zamoyski family. One of the features here is an artificial small islands - one of them contains monuments of the hounds belonging to the Polish Queen Marysienka Sobieska. 

On another island the Zamoyskis built baroque chapel, which became later the main church of the local Catholic parish. It is now known as the St John Nepomucene's parish church (it's shown on the postcard above).

During the Second World War, Nazi Germans set up a transit camp in Zwierzyniec, with many victims sent to death camps. 

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