It's enjoyable getting postcards from Samoa so often...it seems I get them almost every week :) This one is from very dear Lillian, who is volunteer on this beautiful island country. She says that most of Samoan men work in their plantations to grow food for their meals. Samoans eat a lot of taro and breadfruit. Also pigs, cows and chicken are raised around houses, and they're used for food too. Lillian favourite thing to drink is fresh coconut. Wow, I'd love to try it! :)
Dear Lillian thank you so much for awesome card! Hope you'll like card I sent to you and kids. If there are readers of my blog interested to send postcard and receive postcard back to Samoa, check out Lillian's project here.


  1. Great project! I'm going to send a card from spain to Lillian and the kids.Thank you Rajko for the link.