Pohnpei, Fed. States of Micronesia

Another new country in my collection..! Micronesia!!! I was incredibly happy when I got this postcard from such an awesome place! Pohnpei is the name of one of the four states in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). Palikir, the FSM's capital, is located on Pohnpei Island. Pohnpei Island is the largest, highest, most populous, and most developed single island in the FSM. The islanders of Pohnpei have a reputation as being the most welcoming of outsiders among residents of the island group. The island also contains a wealth of biodiversity. Pohnpei is one of the wettest places on earth with annual recorded rainfall exceeding 300 inches (7,600 mm) each year in certain mountainous locations. This beautiful sunset postcard shows Sokehs Rock.
Dear Corinne, thank you so much! Your kindness and postcard definitely brighten my day! xx


  1. ovome se već neko vrime divin..! :D ag

  2. hehe, vjeruj, bez lažne skromnosti, i ja takođe :))) ne dobija se razglednica sa ovakvog mjesta baš svaki dan :))

  3. ma šta pričaš :P

    x 3 za divljenje...a i markica mi prelepa!