Jabuka Island, Croatia

Jabuka is an uninhabited volcanic island in the Adriatic Sea, west of the island of Vis. It is part of the Dalmatian archipelago. The closest land mass, yet small, are Svetac and Brusnik. Its coast is steep and difficult to approach, and landings can be made only when the weather is clear. The easiest access is on the south-west side. On the island, noteworthy species such as a black lizard (Podarcis melisellensis pomoensis) and some plants (Centaurea jabukensis and Centaurea crithmifolia) are protected endemics. In 1958 the island was declared a geological monument of nature. The surrounding sea is rich with fish, especially abramis. Jabuka has 97-meter tall cliffs. All sea lanes avoid the island, because its magnetic form confuses compasses.
Draga Jeco, puno ti hvala na predivnoj razglednici! :)

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