Here comes one of the dearest postcards in my collection. It is my only postcard from Ecuador. I LOVE postcards with volcanoes so this one is perfect for me. It shows Tungurahua volcano. It is sent by my very dear friend Agi during here trip several months ago to South America. She chose this postcard specially for me and I'll be forever faithful. She says that this volcano erupted in 1999 and 2006 and caused a lot of damage to Ecuadorians.. Agi also has her postcard blog, check it out here.

Gorgeous stamps with perfect cancellation..! Could I ask for more? :) Agi, hvala puuuno! <3


  1. ajoj pa nisan uopće računala da bi se mogla pojaviti pod drugom zemljom! heh. happy san da ti je razglednica tako draga :)))))))))))

  2. heh, što da ne :) ne da mi je draga, negooo... predraga, ako se tako može reć :D

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