The Troyan Monastery is the third largest monastery in Bulgaria. It is located in the northern part of the country in the Balkan mountains and was founded no later than the end of the 16th century. The monastery is a popular tourist destination. The main church of the monastery was reconstructed near the end of Ottoman rule during the Bulgarian National Revival period by a master-builder called Konstantin in 1835. The Troyan Monastery is also, since the 17th century, the home of one of the holiest icons in Bulgarian Orthodoxy, the Three-Handed Virgin. Many people make a pilgrimage to this monastery on St. George's Day because of an icon of St. George in the main church.
Jean Pierre, sender of this awesome postcard also used fantastic stamps with superb cancellation. Perfect! I love postcards sent this way. Merci beaucoup Jean Pierre!

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  1. volin manastire...a i markice su odlične, bit će da ih još neko ima ;) jer pretpostavljan da je isti ive pere o kojem san već čula..!