Sorry for more than week of silence... Some days I was lazy to update, but most of the time I spent on deserved vacation. :) I went to Budva with my bff, the most touristy place in my country, where I had a great fun and enjoyed every second of it. Budva is also a REAL postcard heaven! Thousands of postcards on every angle, with so maaany topics...i really had a blast only seeing them... :) Though, I wouldn't be me if I wasn't lazy, so I postponed buying postcard every day, so kept it for the last day...That morning I ran out of my flat, fast going to shops, and I bought circa 20 postcards - i know that's not many, but if I've bought more, I wouldn't have money to come back home. I spent all my pocket money, much faster than (my parents) expected, lol B-) I have some plans about coming back to Budva in September, but we'll see...

Anyways, let's go back to the purpose of this blog. This postcard is one of few postcards I have from Mongolia. It's one of the most beautiful and interesting countries for me. This postcard shows traditional Mongolian sport arching. Women in traditional clothes practicing arching can be seen quite often there. Beautiful dog stamp used, I love it. Thanks so much Boloroo!

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