Ohrid, Macedonia

Macedonia is the only former Yugoslavian country that I have never been to. This postcard shows views of Ohrid, peaceful and romantic place located at banks of Ohrid lake. It is only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Macedonia. Many medieval churches were built there, and they are big tourist attractions now.

Пуно хвала Анчи, а. k. a. Lady Baba. ;)


  1. ц ц ц ц, само у Македонији ниси био....да знаш, Баба је изненаѓена и увреѓена! :Р

  2. Anči, biće prilike i da odem i u Makedoniju, nadam se. :) Najljepše uvijek ostavljam za kraj, haha. Imam 2 najbliže tetke u Skoplju, a nikad ih nijesam upoznao. :/