Hello everyone and a very happy New Year! I am very sorry for so much time without  update of my blog but I was extremely busy during last two months. This January I will have some free time so I hope  I will be updating more often. Anyway, for today's update I prepared some postcards I have received recently from various ''exotic'' destinations. Hope you will like them.

Guinea-Bissau was the Portuguese colony of Portuguese Guinea in the 19th century. Upon independence, declared in 1973, the name of its capital Bissau was added to the country's name to prevent confusion with the bordering Republic of Guinea. It has a political instability since gaining independence and no elected has successfully served a full five-year term. Only 14% of the population speaks the official language, Portuguese. A plurality of the population (44%) speaks Kriol, a Portuguese-based creole language, and the remainder speak native African languages. The main religions are African traditional religions and Islam, and there is a Christian (mostly Catholic) minority. The country's per-capita gross domestic product is one of the lowest in the world. Thanks Iaia!
As you can see there are some unusual postmarks and labels on the back of this postcard. All three stamps used are bent, probably in order to fit in the available space on the postcard. :( Also, there is a label showing it was sent by registered mail (?!). This 'R' mark in probably a number of registered parcel in Bissau (No991B GW). Moreover, the black postmark is of a post office in Belgrade, Serbia (the card was probably missent there as I often receive mail missent to Serbia). This card definitely had a very interesting trip from Guinea-Bissau to Montenegro. :)


  1. e rajkane rajkane...toliko te nema, a onda stvarno nadoknadis sve sa ovoliko predobrih razglednica! ne znan koja me vise impresionira...ali svakako bi jednog dana volila markicu na marleya ;)

  2. Wow... it is so hard to get a postcard from Guinea-Bissau. Thanks for sharing the postal history of this postcard. I hope I will also one day get a postcard mailed from Guinea-Bissau too. Cheers from Penang island, SL Liew

  3. What beautiful BLOG! I found your Blog at Postcrossing :) I reaorganise my Blog soon and Post more postcards *.*

  4. What a fantastic postcard :)

  5. This is really interesting - the story of your postcards travelling sometimes throgh Serbia to your country. Generally Montenegro is an interesting country. I think I will follow posts on your blog - it is really interesting!
    If you are curious, you can also see my blog optimisticpostcrosser.blogspot.com . I would be really happy!
    Best wishes!

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  7. Very beautiful postcard from Guinee Bissau ... A real gem in the world of postcards!
    Jane @ Beauty and Laser Salon Westmeath

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